Sport of Body Language

Body language never lies, not just in the game of pickup, but also in the game of athletics. On some level, we all possess this awareness and understanding of the value placed on confident body language but, because most men grew up playing sports and not practicing coolness with beautiful women, we are often more likely to accurately comprehend this phenomenon in the arena of


Allow me to use one of my favorite sports to elaborate upon the subtle, predictable and transferable indicators of confident body language Anytime, and I mean anytime I go golfing and am paired with golfers with whom I have never played before, I can instantaneously tell who will be gunning for par

and who will be spending time searching for their ball in the woods.

How can I accurately evaluate this BEFORE ever seeing a golfer’s swing, you

Body language and physical confidence:

Specifically, the body language of the golfer’s SET UP when merely standing over the ball. In the same way that a woman can evaluate if you’re cool or not before you’ve ever spoken a word, I can tune in to the body language of golfers and unconsciously recognize the

subtleties and nuances of a good golf set up with just a quick glance.

Once your antennae are up and you are focused on the body language in sports,
you know in the blink of an eye, who is an athlete and who is not.

I’m sure you can remember those days back in summer camp when teams were being picked for Kick Ball and there was this new crop of kids that you had never seen before but, as the Captain, you had to choose who you wanted on your


Was it really difficult to tell who was going to be up at the top of the order
and who was going to be riding the bench?

Of course not you knew instantly and intuitively who the best players/athletes were just by the way they were standing up against the wall

and waiting to get picked for the team.

Guess what, when you are standing up against the wall at the bar (hopefully, not for too long), to determine if you will be chosen for a woman’s proverbial team, she can size you up in just a heartbeat, based simply on your body


I digress, back to adulthood and the body language of the confident golfer athlete. For those of you who have ever played golf, received golf instruction, or have seen a picture of a golfer in a magazine (I know, you don’t see them in Maxim very often), you know the importance of starting from

the ground up and getting set up for the swing.

Just look at golfing greats like Tiger Woods and Ernie Els over the ball and you will likely be able to tell that they are the body language golfing

equivalents to James Bond.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past 10 years, you have probably watched Tiger Woods play at least a little golf on television. Time and time again, he just LOOKS like the best golfer on the course and I’m not even talking about his actual swing. Just watch him walk down the fairway, read a putt, talk to his caddie and at the most fundamental level, SET UP to hit a golf shot.   However, if I showed you a side by side picture of the SET UP of Tiger and an average golfer, you would probably FEEL a visceral difference between the two, but you might struggle to put a finger on or articulate what this difference


Does this sound anything like what a woman might say when she is asked to observe the difference between a man with confident body language and one with

ordinary body language? Too many times to count!

Another great golf example of body language is Ernie Els who carries himself in a different kind of confident way. His nickname is the Big Easy and it has nothing to do with New Orleans and everything to do with the relaxed and

flowing nature with which he gracefully moves on the golf course and in life.

While we have looked at the sport of golf to this point, this same body language confidence could also be applied regarding athletic success across all sports. When seeing Michael Jordan come off the bench after a timeout at the end of a game, based just on the way he walks back onto the court, you KNOW he is going to make the shot. The same could be said for Derek Jeter when he calmly steps into the batter’s box in a clutch playoff situation-his inner

body radiates poise and you KNOW that he will come through with a hit.

Good body language transcends sport and can come in all shapes and sizes, so even if your personality and body language doesn’t necessarily reflect the dominant and aggressive Tiger Woods/Colin Farrell type, you could instead be

the smooth and effortless Ernie Els/George Clooney type.

Enough talk about athletes and celebrities, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts by dissecting the finer points of the confident, athletic golfer’s SET UP and how it relates to powerful and winning body language with attracting


  1. First, you must have your weight balanced and evenly distributed between
    your heels and toes.
  2. You should then be standing tall and taking up space with a nice wide stance (if you are hitting the driver) whereby, your feet are

    slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

  3. From there, you should have tallness in your legs with a slight flex in
    the knees so that you’re your lower body FEELS relaxed, yet dynamic.
  4. Your hips should be open in a vulnerable position, your chest is out and
    your shoulders are back.
  5. Moving right along, the arms should hang naturally at your sides and be
    fully extended without any signs of tightness.
  6. Next, when gripping the golf club, there should also be a strong, softness with your hands to further ensure that you are tension-free. (Golfing legend Ben Hogan used to say that he could actually tell how good a golfer was by

    looking strictly at his hands and how he placed them on the club).

  7. Additionally, your head, neck, and back should be in alignment and at a
    slight angle.
  8. Finally, you should keep your head still, jaw relaxed, and making solid eye contact with the ball and be sure not to fidget or shake with any part of your


Once in this position, ideally, you could stand this way for hours and always feel ready to hit the ball down the fairway at a moment’s notice. Does this description of the confident golf setup seem like it could slightly resemble

alpha male body language with women? I think so.

But, would any new golfer be able to tune into these intricate details, naturally knowing what to do or even understanding them from looking at a picture in a magazine? Probably not! The same goes for men learning the art of self-assured, attractive overall body language. This bodily form of everyday confidence IS a learnable skill that can be conveyed through instruction,

practice and awareness.

In examining the importance of body language in athletes, we should also consider the flip side of the coin. Bad body language can often be easy to spot and once this chink in the armor is detected, any betting man could accurately determine the likelihood of a negative result or performance in the

athlete, just by looking at him.

Once observed, we then intuitively interpret this bad body language as revealing feelings of insecurity, discomfort and doubt. On a practical level, professional golfer Sergio Garcia went through a rough patch in his game when he would literally stand over the ball, nervously gripping and re-gripping the club over and over again for periods of 30-60 seconds, before he actually

swung it.

After watching this body language disaster (reminiscent of the guy at the bar who is anxiously swaying from side to side, pecking and leaning in incessantly when talking to a girl), do you really have to know ANYTHING about golf to predict that Sergio wasn’t going to win any golf tournaments until he got this

significantly noticeable physical quirk fixed?

Of course not, confidence is manifested through the body and you don’t need to be golf instructor extraordinaire, Butch Harmon to ascertain the golf confidence level of Sergio Garcia. In the same way, a woman doesn’t need to be super-socialite Paris Hilton to detect if you are a man who has confident body

language-Rosie O’Donnell could tell just as easily.

Hopefully, now you can understand why I don’t need to see a golfer take a full swing to know how good he is or why a woman doesn’t need to hear a guy say to

her “Who lies more, men or women?” to tell how cool he is.

It’s always appeared difficult to hone in on the many subtleties of both solid body language in sports and solid body language in pickup, but once you are more aware of them, they can be learned and practiced (in the mirror, at the bar, at the bookstore, the office, or even on the driving range), until the

day arrives when you are ready to play your game.

These skills will often feel uncomfortable or awkward at first because they are new to you, whereby you are not used to consistently using your body in this way. But, over time these postures, positions and movements will become

fully internalized, unconscious and automatic.

So, eventually, it won’t matter if you are on the tee at the 18th hole of the Masters with a one stroke lead or you are talking to Heidi Klum at a fashion

show, your body will be confidently prepared for any situation.

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