Fishing For Women With A Wingman

Want to pick up women? Get a friend to help you out! First, stand or sit a few feet away from a woman or group of women and seem to be having a light-hearted, joking disagreement with your pal. “You’re wrong!” “No, you are!” “I’m telling you, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Then keep talking, but a little quieter so that the girl probably won’t hear, then say, “Fine by me!” Remember, don’t act really angry, act like a couple of friends jokingly disputing a small thing.

Now, go up to the woman you like (if she’s with a friend, either your buddy can try to pick up her friend or he can play wing man and keep the friend occupied while you hit on your babe) and say, “Excuse me, but we’re trying to settle a bet and we really need your help. We have agreed to let you settle the argument, and we’ll abide by whatever you say.” Now you’ve really got her attention, because she’s dying of curiosity to know what the bet is, and she’s flattered that you’re putting her in charge of casting the deciding vote for the argument. Then ask something like, “Ok, my buddy here says Marsha was the oldest daughter on The Brady Bunch, but I know she was the middle one.” Your pal can jump in here and say, “No way!” You don’t have to use The Brady Bunch, just pick some show that was a huge hit within the last 20 or 30 years that people still talk about and joke about, and that’s still played in reruns on TV. Don’t pick anything obscure – go for something that everybody knows the answer to. Other choices might be shows like “Cheers,” and you can bet that Norm was the name of the postman, while your friend thinks it was Cliff. Just pick something that for your age group and where you live, everybody is going to know the answer. If you pick a current show it won’t work as well, because it will seem like a set up if you don’t know the name of the biggest star on the biggest hit show on air now. But people do jokingly argue about things in older shows, and the nostalgia value of a show you loved growing up can get you – and the girl you want – laughing at the memory.

So now she’ll say something like, “I hate to break this to you, but your friend is right. Marsha was the oldest daughter.” Act a little shocked or let down, like, “Ah man! Are you sure? Well, all right, a bet’s a bet. It looks like I’m the one buying the next round,” you say this last part to your friend, making sure to smile and shake your head, maybe patting him on the shoulder – real friendly and casual. The woman’s probably laughing about the whole bet over a cheesy TV show – but that means she’s also entertained and enjoying herself. Now turn back to the woman and say, “Thanks for helping us out, we could’ve argued that all night. Seriously, we are that crazy! Let me pay you back, what are you drinking?” When she tells you and you order the drink, say, “Do you mind if we join you?” Since you’ve already made her laugh with your funny bet and you’ve bought her a drink, she won’t refuse a seat at her table. Make very sure that while you’re “arguing” the point with your friend before you talk to the woman in the first place that you don’t mention specifically what the bet is about – someone else may overhear and jump in to offer the answer, blowing your plan.

The great thing about this conversation starter, though, is it can work lots of places – it doesn’t have to be a bar. You can do this in a coffee shop and offer to buy a cup of coffee, you can do this in a fast food restaurant and say you owe the pal a beer or a coffee, then ask the ladies to join you (this may mean moving on to a coffee shop or bar, which is just fine!), and you can even do it in a park. There you’d say the bet was for a drink or snack of some sort from a street vender (if there is one in the park), or that you were heading to the coffee shop around the corner, and get her to come, too.

The next question is, now that you’ve got a hottie sitting down with you for a drink, what do you say now? Easy – check out ” Conversation King ” for step-by-step guidelines on how to keep the conversation flowing and bag your babe!