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    • Create a Personality Profile
      • Relationship Type
      • Self Descriptions (Rating of personality types like Modest and Lazy)
      • Personal Characteristics (Rating of items describing you like “I enjoy a good joke”, and “I tend to either like someone a lot or dislike him a lot”)
      • About Your Feelings (Rating of feelings like Happy, Tired, Hopeful)
      • Import Qualities (Rating of importance of partners qualities)
      • Personal Beliefs
      • About Your Personality (True and False questions)
      • Your Personal Interests (Rating of Interests like Biking and Astrology)
      • Living Skills
      • Communication Style
      • Most and Least Like You
      • Family Relationships (Rating of Characteristics in relationships within your Family)
      • General Information (On School, Kids, Income, Career, ethnicity, etc)
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Relationship Types
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How to View and Communicate with Members
  • Photo’s
  • Profile
  • Matching Model
    • Eliminates 99.7% of people who are not right for you
    • Provides matches who are compatible based on the 29 key dimensions that predict relationship success.
Search By
  • Matching Model
  • Match Settings
    • Can be modified to change your Match results.
    • Some of the settings that can be change include distance, ethnicity, religion, Smoking, Drinking and Children
Items of Note
  • Can only view Members that fall with in the Matching Model (no random searching)
  • There is no way to tell if a match can communicate with you or not (meaning if the person is a subscriber)
  • You can’t tell how long a match has been a member

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