The Subtle Dance Of A First Date

Often, people talk about mastering your own body language, however Physical Confidence is also about understanding the body language women are exhibiting toward you. What is it when the woman exhibits these signs of interest and attraction toward the man? Sometimes they are subtle.  Do you trust your intuition and know what to look for?

Each “action” we put forth causes  hopefully a “reaction.” There is so much emphasis on the “Action” but I want to talk a little bit about  her “Reaction” towards you. Most times, it is obvious the girl is attracted to you. She exhibits behavior that just says “It’s On!” but sometimes you are not 100 percent sure.

Girls are sometimes shy and reserved, despite being attracted to you, so it is not obvious all the time that she is ready and comfortable to be kissed or taken to the next physically intimate level.  By understanding her subtle body language and her touch you can take her cues and confidently move to the next level of intimacy.

Here are some subtle body language and kino cues to look for while conversing with your girl on your date.
  The key word here is “linger”

  • Lingering elbow to elbow contact at a bar sitting side by side
  • Lingering knee to knee contact at a bar sitting side by side
  • Does she linger into your personal space by slight leaning and turning towards you?
  • While walking side by side does she come easily when you instantaneously put your arm around her and pull her in for a moment? Does she linger in your personal space?
  • The hand test can even be more subtle by her just leaving her hand there for a millisecond longer.
  • Does she initiate and hold eye contact?
  • Does she touch you and leave her hand there for second longer than necessary?

The bottom line is that the more a girl is attracted and comfortable with you, the more you and her will gravitate into each other’s personal space. Think of two magnets being pulled together.  Its only natural. 

Be aware of these subtle cues not as a check list, but as a feeling and overall vibe you are getting from the girl. You will feel these subtle body language reactions, the same way she will feel your confident powerful bodylanguage actions.  Noticing these little cues on dates will help you take it to the next level. 

With more experience, all this will be filtered to your intuition. Your gut usually tells you the right answer.

PickUp 101 instructor Daniel is one of several different experts who contribute to the success of PickUp 101. Lance Mason and his team of experts have created Surefire Attraction Secrets in order to provide men the foundation to build upon to succed with women