Seduction.. Using Your Eyes KNOW YOU'RE AVAILABLE

I was reading Cosmopolitan Magazine the other day, and a survey revealed that one of the most common things that women look at when checking out men is their eyes. It’s not their butt, or their crotch, or even their big broad chest or arms. It is their eyes. So considering this, let’s make use of this asset when it comes to seducing women.

The Romantic Gaze: Seduction by Using Your Eyes

It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and while this may be a little extreme, the eyes certainly are an amazing tool for flirtation and seduction. The way that you look at a girl (or don’t look at her) can completely change the way that she comprehends your advances. Your eyes and the way you use them can change her opinion of you in a blink.

The look you’re going for can be described as “passionate.” You want to look intense without looking insane. Practice this look in a mirror a little each day. Imagine that the girl you’re looking at makes you a little crazy, full of lust, maybe even love. Focus this look through your eyes. Practice turning it on and off, as it’s the transformation that women will find appealing – and if you’re lucky, irresistible.

When you have actually approached a girl and are engaged in conversation, try sending out mixed signals. Talk about things that normally wouldn’t be engaging but couple them with intense and focused eye contact. This will essentially “throw her off balance” and she won’t be able to analyze your intentions, and that’s a good thing. She will probably subconsciously recognize your gaze as one of attraction and respond to it without ever having to be swayed by a pickup line, or even meaningful conversation.

Eye contact is an issue that you will have to address as well. There is a delicate balance between too little eye contact and too much. With too little, you will seem shy and disinterested. With too much, you may seem a little mentally unbalanced. You should keep eye contact long enough to seem attentive, and keep in mind that subtly extended periods of eye contact can – perhaps only a second – can tell a woman that you are attracted to her.

The biggest risk you run when using your eyes for seduction is that your sexy gaze may come off as insane. It’s important that you seem intense, but that doesn’t mean “tense.” Your body should be relaxed, and you should even feel free to smile when appropriate. Only your eyes should hint at the fact that something deeper is going on – an inner struggle, a storm just below the surface. It’s this complicated emotional interior that will make you appealing to women, as it will indicate that you have multidimensionality and depth of character. But taking this a little too far will result in you looking as if there is something more than depth to your character. You might just look a little crazy.

Just make sure that you are relaxed and well practiced with your gaze intensity. If you use this skill wisely, you will come off as passionate, with confidence and depth, and it will become an invaluable tool in your arsenal of seduction.

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