Looking For Signs Of Her Infidelity Will Not Short Circuit Her Affair or Affair In The Making

The woman that you are in a relationship with has been acting differently and for whatever reason you think that she is either cheating on you or is thinking about it.

At this point, in your mind you might think that looking for signs of her cheating on you will either confirm that she is cheating on you or at the very least stop her from cheating on you if she was thinking about it.

Yet the truth is looking for signs of cheating can only lead to you discovering that she is cheating on you or the two of you breaking up.

In fact, many times women cheat after you start “looking for signs” because you are too busy looking for signs instead of taking care of your woman in a way that gives her no reason to cheat on you.

In other words, looking for cheating usually leads to her cheating on you because you haven’t given her any other choice.

If you really want to prevent the affair from happening before it starts you must look at the reason behind your suspicions.

When your reasons have to do with her you must communicate your concerns with her in a way that lets her know that if she doesn’t make those changes right now the relationship between you and her is over.

However, the majority of the time (especially if she isn’t cheating) your suspicions have more to do with your past relationship with women or something that you have to improve about yourself.

In those cases, instead of looking for signs of her cheating on you or asking her to make changes it is on you to make the changes inside of yourself that you must in order to maintain the type of relationship that want with her.

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