Looking For Signs Of Her Infidelity Wont Help You Know What Youre Dealing With If She Isnt Cheating

When men come to me looking for help because they think that the woman they are in a relationship with is cheating on them.

The hardest part of my program for them to follow is no longer looking for signs of her infidelity.

Perhaps as you read this now you might have believed that looking for signs of infidelity would help you find out exactly what you are dealing with.

Yet, the truth is it only helps you know what you are dealing with if she is cheating on you.

If she is not cheating on you whenever you finish looking for signs (which generally doesn’t happen) you still will not know exactly what you are dealing with.

In fact, most men who look for signs of her cheating on him ultimately end up dealing with a cheating woman in their life or if they are lucky with a breakup.

Now, hopefully you have already noticed that when you decide to look for signs of her cheating on you a happy or healthy relationship with her is not something that you get to deal with any more.

In other words, looking for signs of infidelity puts your relationship with her in a lose/lose situation.

Either she is cheating on you which means you should break up with her or she isn’t cheating on you and you continue to look until you find something are she breaks up with you because the two of you are no longer involved in a happy and healthy relationship any more.

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