Looking For Signs Of Her Infidelity Means Your Unfounded Suspicions Have Already Poisoned Your Mind

The moment you start to have suspicions that she is cheating on you your mind has already been “poisoned”.

Now the reason you need to know this is because many “infidelity experts” would like for you to believe that looking for signs of infidelity will keep your unfounded suspicions from poisoning your mind.

Yet, the truth is her cheating or not cheating on you is not what caused your mind to become poisoned with the thoughts.

In addition looking for signs of her cheating on you not only poisons your mind more than just your suspicions does, you generally keep looking until you find what you are looking for; which in this case is a cheating woman.

Instead of looking for signs of her infidelity perhaps you will be better served looking for the real source off the poison.

Many times what you will discover is that the “poison” in your mind is based upon something that she is or isn’t doing.

You can then communicate to her exactly what it is you need for her to do or not do in order for your suspicions to go away.

However, if she isn’t cheating on you and you are honest with yourself, you might discover that you are the person who needs to make some changes within yourself in order to make your suspicions and poisonous thoughts go away.

Of course if you are honest with yourself and still believe that she is the one who must change and after you communicate this with her she refuses to change.

Then now would be the time to act as if she is cheating and end your relationship with her as in your mind she already is.

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