Looking For Signs Of Her Infidelity Means Your Relationship Is Already In Jeopardy Of Ending

There are many reasons why men might feel that looking for signs of infidelity on her part is important even though it usually means the opposite.

For instance, many times before you might have found yourself looking for signs of her infidelity because you wanted to know if your relationship with her was in jeopardy of ending.

Yet, the truth of the matter is once you start looking for signs of her cheating on you your relationship is already in danger of failing.

To make matters even worse looking for signs of infidelity never actually improves the relationship that you have with her.

In other words, looking for signs of infidelity on her part hurts your relationship with her both in the short term and long term (if it makes it that long).

Also, looking for signs that she is cheating on you is one of those habits that once you make the decision to start isn’t easy to stop.

It also lets the woman that you are in a relationship with know that you are emotionally weak and that you don’t trust her.

Unfortunately for you the only type of women who are willing to put up and stay in a relationship with this type of behavior and reality are the kind of women who are most likely to cheat or have other “big issues” in their life.

Hopefully now you are beginning to realize how looking for signs of her cheating on you puts you in a position where the only women who are going to be willing to stay with you are women who cheat and other women who aren’t healthy for you to be in a relationship with.

Since I doubt you really want to be in a relationship with a woman who cheats.

Now is the time to ask yourself what will your looking for signs of her cheating on me achieve?

Then act accordingly!

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