Dating Newsletter Volume 5

This is Volume 3 of Dating Advice Newsletter for Men. In this weeks addition you can look forward to:

  1. A Letter to Men From Teddy Shabba
  2. GuyGetsGirl Review
  3. Seduction Tip of the Week

Now, grab yourself a nice cool beverage, lean back in your chair and enjoy.

A Letter To Men From Teddy Shabba

Recently an author of an e-book asked me if I could send out his review of his book to my list of subscribed men. He told me that my reviews tend to be too honest and might not sale as well as his proven ad copy of a review. I told him just like I am telling you now… Click Here to Read Article

Teddy Shabba’s Review of GuyGetsGirl

GuyGetsGirl written by Tiffany Taylor recently came out with a 2 nd edition written by Woody O Wilcox which makes it one of the few products on attracting women that gives you both the male and female point of view. Yet until it goes up against a Teddy Shabba review it doesn’t mean anything.

The first edition of GuyGetsGirl does a good job at telling… Click Here for Full Review

Seduction Tip of the Week

Consider learning many different techniques to attract and seduce women. Not only can you have fun trying out the different types of techniques but you can seduce the woman in your life over and over each time in a different way.

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