Conversation King

Rachel Davis has taken The Pick Up Line mentality and created a book that instead of giving you canned insincere one-liners that don’t even work on desperate chicks gets to a women’s emotional level and creates more than what you where looking for in the Pick-Up Lines

Conversation-King is a step-by-step guide on how to have the most sizzling conversation in any situation that gets women begging YOU for your number and gets you more hot dates and sex than you can handle!

Rachel Davis covers areas such as:

  • How to talk to any woman , anywhere
  • When and when not to make ” THE BIG MOVE !
  • The importance of listening and watching for the ” Signals ” to proceed forward!
  • What women really want, believe, think, fear and desire most in a partner!
  • When and IF you should ask for the lady’s telephone number
  • How to survive those uncomfortable moments of silence.

This Book Is A ‘Must-Have’ If you want .

  • No more wasted nights, paying for expensive dates, only to get blown out of the water at the moment of truth.
  • No more saying the wrong things that instantly turn you into an enemy or even worse, a ” friend !!!”
  • No more going home alone at the end of the night, unless it’s because you want to, in order to get some sleep, after spending the last 4 nights banging babes into oblivion
  • No more watching fat, ugly, older dudes, with “Primer gray 73 Pintos,” walking out of the club with the hottest little honeys, and you smacking yourself on the forehead in total disbelief, wondering why not me?

In addition, Conversation-King includes two bonuses

  • Free Limited-Time Bonus #1: Free Access to the Mini-Sex guide
  • Free Limited-Time Bonus #2: Free Access to a web site dedicated exclusively to helping guys that might be a little bit timid or put off from years of rejection.

Price: $47.95 comes with an 8 week Money Back Guarantee

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