A Letter To Men From Teddy Shabba

Recently an author of an e-book asked me if I could send out his review of his book to my list of subscribed men.

He told me that my reviews tend to be too honest and might not sale as well as his proven ad copy of a review.

I told him just like I am telling you now; Teddy Shabba’s review is based on what I think about the product. I read, watch, or listen o the product and then based on what I know make a judgment about who would benefit from the book and who wouldn’t.

Many products make promises that they only barely cover or simply recommend another product for and in the end you end up paying more for something that you could have gotten somewhere else. I think that any man who truly wants to attract women and be the best he can be would be better served with spending his money on coaching; however, I recognize that for many this is simply not an option.

I already make more than enough with the clients that I have now, so no my plan is not to get you to become a client either. I find satisfaction in knowing that when a man purchases a product because of my recommendation he did so because he knows that it is a product that is for him as well as the man who didn’t purchase not because he didn’t know if it would be for him but because he knew it wasn’t for him based on my recommendations.

Is this causing me to lose sales probably but in the end Teddy Shabba’s review is about helping you more than it is about helping me make money.

Honestly I will never do a review on a product that I think can not benefit anyone even if they are charging 500 dollars for it and there sales copy is converting at 1 in 10. It’s not what I am in it for.

My plan in regards to the newsletter is to have it published on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays with every other day off so you can expect to start seeing 2 Newsletters a week with Teddy Shabba’s review.

Thank You for Your Time

Teddy Shabba has been helping men achieve happiness and success with women in a way that allows you to feel authentic and comfortable with women.
If you are a man looking to make a change with women for the better Teddy Shabba is available for one-on-one coaching and can be reached by visiting his website at TeddyShabba.com