What If Pheromones Really Do Work When It Comes To Attracting Women

In the first article on pheromones I asked what if pheromones really worked as good as some people claim, where women all over you when you are wearing it.

Now, I am going to ask the question what if pheromones really work but only a little bit.

So instead of women being all over you no matter what you did it just gets women to notice you more.

Without using pheromones women do not notice you and when you do use pheromones women think to themselves, “I like this guy I wonder what he is about.”

Pheromones get you in the door, now what are you going to do to keep her from thinking; “You know I thought I liked this guy but obviously I don’t because the more I talk to him the more he seems like just another plain old boring guy.”

When it comes to women you like are you comfortable with approaching them first?

Do you know how to create attraction in a woman?

If you answered no to either one of these questions then using pheromones to attract women is NOT going to do you any good, if pheromones only work a little bit.

However, if you answered yes to both of these questions pheromones in many cases might help you attract more women.

Once you have become good at approaching women and knowing how to create attraction in women pheromones might be able to take you to that next level in attracting women.

Most men, however, buy pheromones thinking that it is going to help them approach and attract women.

Yet, this would be like going Duck Hunting with the greatest Duck caller in the world and no gun.

No matter how many you call none of them will fall.

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