Pheromones The Invisible Scent Of Attraction

Pheromones are such a fascinating topic when it comes to attracting women.

It is the invisible scent of attraction.

That fact and that fact alone is what makes them so fascinating.

Imagine if you went into a department store at the mall and in the men’s cologne section they were offering Pheromones for sale.

As you open the bottle you put it to your nose o get a sense of the fragrance only to discover absolutely nothing, no scent at all.

How much would you be willing to pay for this?

Depending on how cute the sales lady was behind he counter I would day more times than not absolutely nothing, if you didn’t know about pheromones.

However, knowing that pheromones do work you might be willing to pay a fair amount to get your hands on the Scent of Attraction.

Yet, it turns out that the Scent of Attraction is going to be different for every body.

The pheromones you naturally produce and your behaviors are going to play a large role on which scent is going to be the “Scent of Attraction” for you.

For instance, imagine if you sprayed the scent of a “vicious alpha dog” on a poodle, even though at first you might feel as though you are in danger once you saw and recognized the dog as a poodle you would no longer have that feeling.

You also have to take into account the ‘con artists’ that are out thee selling water as pheromones, since they have no smell.

Of course the easy way to find out if its water is to spray a lot on you and have a close friend (preferably a woman) tell you if you have an odor or strange scent to you.

If she says No send that crap back because spraying too many pheromones on the human body stinks, so you more than likely got some water in a bottle.

If she says Yes, take a shower to get that stank off of you and prepare yourself for some field testing because you got work to do.

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