It's Not WHAT You Say It's HOW You Say It Basket

I want you to think for a moment, what turns you on? What makes you horny? What makes you randy baby, yeah!

Chances are, you’re thinking to yourself something like “I’m a legs man” or “I like blondes” or something else you wouldn’t want your momma to read.

That’s alright. It’s not that men are dogs, it’s that men are VISUAL. For most men, it is what we SEE that initially triggers attraction. It’s not the be-all and end-all, but it dominates our first impressions.

Duh, you say? Obvious, you say? Well smart guy, how often do you think about what turns a woman on? You may be fooled by listening to ladies occasionally hooting cute butts or swooning at Antonio Banderas. Don’t be.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It ain’t the size of the wave, it’s the motion of the ocean.” Well, it ain’t the shape of the gut, it’s the way you strut. Women are MUCH more in tune to body language and non-verbal communications, and that’s where their buttons are pushed.

Sure, a handsome man with a good body is ATTRACTIVE to women, but he won’t necessarily CREATE ATTRACTION.

Attraction is created by style and attitude, by CHARISMA, what women often call CHARM. If you don’t look like Brad Pitt, this is good news, because it can be learned.

And just as BODY LANGUAGE trumps BODY SHAPE in attracting women, your VOICE will trump your WORDS.

Lots of guys, when they are trying to learn how to be more successful with women, turn to pick-up lines. Men seem to think the RIGHT WORDS will move a girl’s heart.

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen guys get a girl by talking to her. Maybe she changed her attitude after he spoke to her.

Maybe we just can’t get the difference between the JOKES we tell and WHAT REALLY WORKS.

If at some point you’ve thought that pick-up lines were the key to breaking the ice with a woman, you may be forgiven. You should give yourself a number of numbing slaps to the face, but then forgive yourself and let’s talk about what DOES work.

It doesn’t really matter what words you use – you could have the best pick-up line in the world and, with poor delivery, it will fail.

But if you deliver your words well, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you say. “Hello” can be the sexiest word in the language.

Controlling your voice the right way will have a positive affect on MANY aspects of your life, but right now, we care about how it affects women.

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