How To Spot Opportunities With Women

I want to tell you a story. I have two friends with two very different ideas on how to meet women. One friend will walk up to every woman he meets and try to get a date with them. The other will wait around, study a woman he likes, and wait for a signal she’s open to being approached.

Neither method is better than the other, but while my first friend meets with a lot of rejection and failure, my second friend, the one who scopes out his target beforehand, has a much higher success rate. See, he only goes after women who like him. He calls himself a “sniper,” picking his targets with accuracy, whereas my other friend is a “shotgun,” hitting everything and hoping something sticks. When you know a woman is into you, she becomes a “target of opportunity.” This means that you have an “inroad” with the woman. An opening that let’s you know you have a chance of scoring with her. This can be valuable for many reasons. It reduces uncertainty, helps bolster confidence and self esteem, etc. But it can be hit or miss, depending on your look, your belief system, and what the girl is into. There are certain cues you can look for to tell when the woman is a “target of opportunity.” The biggest of which is an “eye cue.” If a girl looks you up and down quickly when she first sees you, chances are she’s interested. This is because she likes your face, and she wants to see what the rest of you is like. It may not be a 100% sure thing, but it’s definitely “on” if you see that eye signal. If you catch a woman looking at you and she turns away suddenly, chances are she was checking you out. You know how this is, men are guilty of it all the time. Remember when you saw a beautiful woman and you were staring at her, soaking in her beauty, maybe daydreaming a bit, and she turns and sees you? What do you do? That’s right, you look away and pretend nothing was happening. Well, girls are the same way. Just be aware of it. Another sign she’s interested is pupil dilation. If you’re talking to a girl and her pupils are as big as saucers, then it’s a good chance she’s attracted to you! There’s an old saying that eyes are the window’s to the soul. This is very true. Keep your attention on a woman’s eyes and she’ll let you know when the opportunity to seduce her is present. But once you see the opportunity present itself, are you prepared to sieze it? Or will you simply let it pass you by because you don’t know how to approach that girl? In my book, The Art Of Approaching, you’ll learn tactics that will help you overcome any hesitation and meet women with ease and without fear. If you haven’t checked out my amazing book yet, then you should definitely do so now by clicking below:

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About the author:

Joseph Matthews is the Author of The Art of Approaching Women a Breakthrough starter kit that will dramatically increase your success with women.