Real Social Dynamics

 I recently discovered a great dating coaching program called “Real Social Dynamics”. In my opinion, it’s the best program for a guy to start who wants to become more successful with pickup and dating.

   I’m very excited about this new program because with the thousands of dating book authors out there, it’s so difficult to find a program that actually proves that what they teach work.

   Ok, so what makes this program different than everything else out there?

   Well, mainly these guys actually go out into the field and demonstrate their methods LIVE on real women in real-world situations.

   You see, these guys don’t just teach, they actually “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. The Executive Coaches of Real Social Dynamics have traveled around the world multiple times. And during their travels, they experimented with dating tactics and recorded their research.

   After several years of field world, these guys put together their resources and moved into a mansion called Project Hollywood Mansion, which acted as a think-tank for dating experts and pickup artists.

  While meeting every dating expert, and field-testing everything they studied, Real Social Dynamics developed a scientific system of pickup, dating, and seduction that consistently works to attract women.

   With a passion to share their discoveries of dating, pickup, and seduction, these guys created a curriculum where they would take guys out in the field to bars, clubs, and the streets of major metropolitan cities throughout the world.

   During these programs, Real Social Dynamics dating coaches demonstrate that their material works, and then have their clients do approaches. Coaches critique every interaction.

   During their 3-day Boot camps, clients also get a fashion & style makeover, and attend seminars with dating coaches from around the globe.

   Due to constant research and development, each instructor has their own unique method of teaching. This is a great selling proposition as there are so many Seduction programs out there that can only teach you one method of dating. Every instructor has an amazing skill set and is able to teach their own unique tactics & techniques.

  In fact, Real Social Dynamics “coaches”go through several months of training, where they are forced to go out 7 days/week to pickup girls, and study the dating experts. Only after achieving Excellent evaluations from a committee of Executive Coaches and clients will trainees become full-fledged dating coaches.

   Real Social Dynamics basically offers the most personalized program on the market with the highest quality. Although there are a few competitors, none of them offer the level of service and thorough training dating coach expertise available through Real Social Dynamics.

   Although Real Social Dynamics is not a magic pill, clients can expect that by the end of the program, they will be able to approach girls, open the conversation, know how to gain attraction (get girls laughing and touching them), walk away with a phone number, and have a strong game plan to follow-up.

   Your skill set will be immediately taken to the next level after going in field during Boot camps, or from the mastermind workshops and seminars created during Super conferences.

   We really cannot recommend Real Social Dynamics programs enough. “Real Social Dynamics” is an absolute must do for any man, no matter where you’re at in your game.

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Real Social Dynamics