Letting Go Of Your Relationship With Her After She Cheats

No matter how hard you try not to think about the affair after she cheats, in your mind you are going to do it anyway.

Knowing this to be the reality of the situation instead of telling yourself you aren’t going to think about her cheating on you and letting your emotions control your thoughts.

You can think about her cheating on you in a better way which will allow you to move on after she cheats.

So what exactly is this better way?

The first thing you must do is create some time where you wont have anything or anyone to distract you; at least 30 minutes or more if you have the time.

This means turning off the T.V., computers, phone, radio and anything else you can think of that will keep you from focusing on her cheating ways.

Then you need to take yourself back to the moment in time when you first learned of her cheating on you and feel all of the emotions that you felt then right now.

Once you are in the moment and feeling what you felt then if you want write down those feelings or you can simply verbally express them out loud even though writing them down is going to be best for most men.

If you find that your emotions are leading you to different events in your life that is okay because in some way they are connected to her cheating, you can write them down as well.

What you will begin to find is that each time you do this, the negative emotions that you have after she cheats will continue getting weaker and weaker.

Especially if you fully acknowledge the negative emotions that you have and listen to the real message that those negative emotions are trying to send you.

In addition, for those of you who have written your emotions and feelings down you can also go back and read what negative emotions you have written down and then read the message that they are sending that way as well.

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