Is Eye Contact Helping or Hurting Your Chances to Attract Women

When you first meet a woman do you make eye contact with her and if so who is the first to look away?

Hopefully you answered that she does, if not you have already given some of your power away before you even have said anything.

You know that feeling you get when you are looking someone that you are attracted to in the eye?

Women get it as well, only they tend not to be able to enjoy it as much because men they are attracted to tend to look away way too early.

When it comes to eye seduction the first time is the one she will remember the most and if she enjoys it enough the one she will want to experience again and again.

First eye contact is not only important for creating attraction it also tells a woman what kind of control over your emotions you have.

A man who looks away too soon is perceived as weak and has little control over his emotions where as a man who maintains eye contact is perceived as strong and in control of his emotions.

It’s important to acknowledge her either during the initial contact if she maintains eye contact for more than a few seconds or right when she looks backs into your eyes.

Failure to do so will destroy most if not all the attraction that you just created because she will think you are simply a scared deer caught in the headlights of her mesmerizing beauty.

The great thing about first eye contact is it is really is simple to practice and get good at; you simply start making a real effort to look all women in the eyes and make them look away first.

It also is going to help you start more conversations with women since the same rules apply. You must acknowledge her within a few seconds of eye contact.

The more you practice the more natural and easier it will become for you to approach women.

Also women who you make eye contact with and maintain it as well as those who give you a quick second glance have a higher interest level in you than those women who don’t.

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