How To Use Nonverbal Flirting to Attract Women

A man who knows how to flirt with a woman nonverbally has two advantages over men who don’t know how to flirt nonverbally.

1. Easier to Avoid Rejection

2. Attracts women on a unconscious level

Of course just like verbal communication some things work much better than others.

Here are just a few nonverbal techniques proven to attract women.

The Scanning Gaze- Most guys naturally do a form of the scanning gaze; unfortunately it usually stops right at the breast.

If you want to intensify the flirting consider gazing all the way down to just below her waist.

Make sure that once you finish gazing you end up looking her in the eyes since that is what makes it work.

Mirroring- Mimicking any positive body language signals a woman gives you a little less than a minute after she does is a great way to build attraction in a woman.

Flashing Eyebrows- Raising your eyebrows at a woman after making eye contact with her is essentially the equivalent of telling a woman you like her with the only main difference being that you didn’t and if she likes you she will raise her eyebrows right back at you.

Blinking- Unless she has something in her eyes the faster she blinks her eyelids the more she likes you.

A great way to find out if she likes you is to blink faster while talking to her if she likes you then she will try and keep up with your pace.

In the end, knowing how to flirt nonverbally with women will not guarantee success at attracting women all of the time.

However, it will greatly increase your chances of attracting women you might not have been able to attract otherwise.

In addition it will also ensure that women who are attracted to you stay attracted to you.

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