How Not To Blow It With A Sure Thing

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Hi Joseph, I’ve just read The Art Of Approaching, and have a question for you about when your “Dis-interest” in a woman to get her attention goes too far. Here’s the story. I’ve recently switched gyms and have been working out a lot. When I first began I noticed this one very attractive brunette – a real bunny. Every guy in the gym looks at her like they are about to set themselves free on her, it’s kind of disgusting. Anyway, as time moved on I kept noticing her and she me. Things got to the stage where we’d be at the gym at the same time and become involved in this ridiculous flirting routine! One day the girl comes up to me and stands behind me as i’m doing some bicep curls. She’s wearing new lycra and – perfume!! Man, I was pissed. I was like back off i’m working out – I like you but i’m trying to work out here!! Moving on, it’s been kind of hard just to say hi when you are both hot, sweaty and generally frustrated. It’s at the point now where she is leaving the gym early!! – shes pissed. Women eh? Would you pursue it? Surly the point is to say ‘I had her’ rather than ‘I could have had her’? Best AJ


Okay, I want to make a distinction here… There’s a difference between “Active Disinterest,” which is what I recommend in my book… And TOTAL disregard, which is what seems to be occurring here. See, the concept of “Active Disinterest” is where you act like you’re not attracted to a girl, but continue to do things to make her attracted to you, in order to keep from scaring her off too early. But when you just act disinterested and completely ignore trying to get the girl attracted to you, or in this case, not pursuing your target once you’ve gotten her attracted, you’re completely missing the point. See, women will do little things to let you know they’re interested in you.

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