Double Your Dating

David DeAngelo’s book is a must have for anyone serious about improving there dating life.

Double your Dating is more than just a how to get the girls book, it helps you deal with the “inner” issues that have been holding you back as well. We all have a belief system in place and for some men there is a strong belief that you cant have beautiful attractive, smart women in your life. As long as you have that belief system in place it doesn’t matter what you read because that’s what you believe. This book will help you destroy that and more.

David covers areas such as:

  • When to kiss a girl
  • On being a man
  • Body Language
  • How to fascinate women
  • Where to meet women
  • How to meet women

You will be impressed at the quality of information, both at the ease in which it can be applied, yet this is a book that you have to actively participate in in order to reap the full benefits. I suggest you read it once the whole way through to get a good feel for what it is he is talking about and to visualize the big picture that he is describing, then reread it a second time and actually do the exercises that he says to become a Strong, Confident, Man that attracts beautiful women.

Double Your Dating also comes with 5 bonuses:

  • Sex Secrets
  • The 8 Personality Types That
    Naturally Attract Women
  • Bridges – How To Go From
    One Step To The Next.. From The Very First Meeting To The Bedroom
  • free “Interviews With Dating Gurus” starter kit
  • month’s subscription to my Monthly Interview Series

Price: $19.97

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